Thematic history of Merri-bek

The City of Merri-bek Thematic History addresses the history of the physical development of the municipality since post contact occupation.

It explains how and why the municipality looks like it does today. It identifies and explains those aspects and themes that help us understand the area and its historic physical fabric.

The Thematic History is centred around themes, such as agriculture, industry, governance, and migration, that have shaped the municipality and provides a framework for identifying and assessing potential heritage places.

It does not provide a chronological account of everything that happened in the municipality. It is not a record of all the individuals, events, schools, sporting clubs, institutions that may have left their mark on the municipality or study area.

The Thematic History is essential in being able to identify potential heritage places and ultimately assess and determine their heritage significance. It highlights the importance of protecting Merri-bek’s heritage places as it identifies a number of significant heritage places that have been lost over the years due to these places not being protected under the provisions of a Heritage Overlay in the Merri-bek Planning Scheme.

You can download a copy:

Copies are available to view in Moreland LIbraries and have been provided to the State Library of Victoria, Museum Victoria as well as the Brunswick, Coburg and Broadmeadows Historical Societies.

Unfortunately Merri-bek City Council does not have hard copies available for purchase.