Minimum requirements for online lodgements

To use Merri-bek's online lodgements system the maximum upload limit is 150MB per application.

Some internet upload speeds are limited in certain areas due to the type of internet service available, e.g. NBN is normally faster than ADSL. 

If you are having trouble uploading documents and you are getting a time out error you can perform a speed test to determine whether your upload speed is sufficient for the size of the document you are trying to upload. 

Test your upload speed

To test your upload speed, we recommend you use the site Speedtest.

This test shows the optimal speed of your connection. It is important that you check the upload speed and not the download speed. 

Review your speed test and see what your upload speed showed.

Speed test image

What does this mean?

Moreland Council Online Services has a time out limit of 10 minutes. This means if your document is too large or your internet speed too slow the upload will error.

These guideline outline how long a 100MB file takes to upload at different internet speeds:

  • 256 kbit/s takes 55 minutes (Will not work)
  • 512 kbit/s takes 30 minutes (Will not work)
  • 1 Mbit/s takes 15 minutes (Will not work)
  • 2 Mbit/s takes 7 minutes (Will work)

You can visit the site Download Time and enter your upload speed to see how long your document will take to upload.