Your rates at work (Media release)

A message from your Mayor John Kavanagh:

Cr John Kavanagh

I am proud to let you know that a wide range of projects and initiatives will be funded in the coming year with your rates.

The 2018 – 19 financial year will see many services and infrastructure projects being delivered – all within the Victorian Government’s 2.25% capped rate increase.

The nature of Council’s work necessarily changes as our community grows and asks different things of us.

In this financial year we will continue to deliver a range of essential services.

These include support for the elderly, immunisation for infants, assistance for early years learning, wonderful libraries and leisure centres - along with vital services like -rubbish collection and street cleaning.

The money raised from rates will be spent in the following way:

  • 28.1% on capital works, such as new buildings and upgrades to infrastructure
  • 19.9% on asset maintenance and management
  • 13.4% on urban development and safety
  • 11.9% on aged care, social policy and support
  • 11.4% on waste management and street cleaning
  • 5.1% on arts and library services
  • 5.0% on maternal and child health
  • 3.5% on leisure and youth
  • 1.0% on economic development
  • 0.7% on debt management

I fully appreciate that rates can be a burden but rest assured, we continue to work diligently on finding cost savings.

I encourage those who are experiencing financial difficulties to contact Council to discuss payment options.

17 August 2018