More art in unexpected places (Media release)

Art has begun to pop up in unexpected places as part of MoreArt – Merri-bek’s annual public art show.

Residents and visitors are invited to participate, perambulate and pedal their way through a range of interactive exhibits and experiences.

Unusual and unexplored sites along the Upfield train line and bike path and Sydney Road area are the canvas for this year’s show – running from Sunday 29 October to Friday 15 December.

MoreArt exhibitions often deliberately blur the line between artist an audience – offering participants the chance not only to view the works but to get involved.

Examples of this in the 2017 program include cycling art tours and peaceful marches, sound experiences, podcasting and community building exercises.

MoreArt is also dedicated to taking art out of the gallery and into common public spaces.

Part of the new program includes Liss Williams Fenwick’s work ‘Periphery’, which is an installation of three lightboxes at Brunswick’s historic Jewell Station.

The series explores the community’s relationship to the environment – bringing images of rural Australia into the city.

Originally from Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory, Liss currently lives in East Brunswick. She often rides the Upfield Bike Path and has spent a lot of time considering the Jewell train station as a potential spot for her work.

“The old station’s just so beautiful,” she says. “The building interacts with the huge trees surrounding it and they play off each other in a really special way – especially at night.”

Made mostly of recycled materials, the lightboxes that make up ‘Periphery’ begin to glow at dusk.

“I was really excited to add life to the old windows,” Liss added. “It was like they were waiting to be transformed.”

You can see Liss’s work, along with a wide range of other projects across Merri-bek, until Friday 15 December.

For more information, and to view the full program, visit MoreArt.

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6 November 2017