Merri-bek commits to gender equality (media release)

Moreland City Council to be inclusive, culturally safe and culturally respectful for all gender and cultural identities after adopting the Merri-bek Gender Equality Commitment.

The Merri-bek Gender Equality Commitment will apply to all areas of Council informing the planning, development and evaluation of all its policies, services, programs and infrastructure.

Moreland City Council Mayor Natalie Abboud said gendered discrimination affects all gender identities resulting in exclusion from social, economic and political life.

“The commitment to gender equality means the equality of rights, opportunities and responsibilities for all genders. Genders should not exclude anyone from participating in community life,” Mayor Abboud said.

Developed in partnership with the Merri-bek community, the Merri-bek Gender Equality Commitment attracted unprecedented community engagement.

“The response from the community has been passionate and overwhelming. It really reflects what a progressive and connected community we are and that together we stand for gender equality.”

The Commitment is made up of seven commitments and recommended strategies such as:

  • equal visibility, access to self-representation and leadership opportunities
  • all genders can access public space, sports and recreation and feel safe
  • all genders receive equal pay for equal work.

“The Commitment is for everyone and it asks that we all work consciously towards creating a future where all gender identities can flourish in Merri-bek.”

By July 2019 implementation of the Commitment will be detailed in the biennial action plan led by Council’s Community Wellbeing Branch.

“The Gender Equality Commitment implementation will be embedded in all Council Service Unit Plans as part of the Merri-bek Human Rights Policy,” Mayor Abboud said.

Learn more about the Merri-bek Gender Equality Commitment.