Thank you to our quiet achievers (Media release)

Communities work best when people act for the benefit of others, as well as themselves, both voluntarily and professionally.

As a society, we happily acknowledge successful sports stars and business people and often forget people whose work is vital to our extraordinary quality of life.

I greatly admire the people who quietly work in dangerous and difficult jobs, actively keeping the rest of us healthy and safe.

Police, SES, fire brigade and ambulance officers attend the most challenging situations as part of their daily work.

Council staff are often up before the sun cleaning our streets, picking up our bins, and are also there to deal with the unfortunate events of animal road casualties.

Welfare and health professionals work tirelessly and patiently, often with people with severe disabilities, helping them find work, housing and supporting them day in and day out.

The list is endless and that’s the point. There are many people who go about their work without making a fuss or seeking recognition, but what a contribution they make to our quality of life. They do so with great compassion and courage.
I salute each and every one of them!

If you know a remarkable person or group who gives back to the community, please consider nominating them for a 2018 Merri-bek Award.

Nominations close on Friday 7 September. To find out more, and to nominate, visit Moreland Awards.

Councillor John Kavanagh - Mayor

27 August 2018