Merri-bek ‘all aboard’ with State Government’s historic rail project (Media release)

Moreland’s Mayor Cr John Kavanagh says the State Government’s announcement today of a $50 billion underground suburban rail loop – linking every major rail line in Melbourne and the new airport rail – will be a game changer for the municipality and Melbourne more broadly.

“This is truly a nation building project”, Cr Kavanagh said.

“This is the sort of vision that we have been looking for from the State Government for many years. It will have huge benefits for Fawkner and Merri-bek as a whole.”

Fawkner is one of the proposed sites for a new station on the rail loop, as it makes its way toward Tullamarine airport.

Cr Kavanagh attended a special briefing from the Premier and the Minister for Transport Jacinta Allen along with mayors from all metropolitan councils this morning.

“We were delighted when the Premier announced that three level crossings were to be removed in Merri-bek and this is potentially even more significant.

“It has our full support and Merri-bek congratulates the State Government on this bold plan. It is visionary and forward thinking and takes us well beyond the normally short-sightedness of the election cycle”.

28 August 2018