Keeping the wheels turning

Every day, people are leaving their homes and going to work to help our community, including council officers who run our essential services.

We’re catching up with them to share their stories and give you an insight into these critical frontline services.

 Delivered Meals

Olga, Delivered Meals Driver 

What does a regular workday look like for you?

I work Monday to Friday, delivering meals to the homes of elderly people in our community. They open the door, we put the meals in the fridge for them, and listen to their woes and problems, if they have any. We are also a monitoring service, so if we find they’re deteriorating we let our supervisor know. 

The clients are lovely! You get hugs and kisses, and if they haven’t seen you for a couple of weeks they ask where you’ve been and if you’ve been on holiday.

What impact has Coronavirus had on your job?

It’s still the same, a bit hectic with Easter coming around. The environment is still great and we all help each other out. 

We are using hand sanitiser before and after every visit and keeping our social distance. Community members have responded in different ways. It’s hard for some, with the social distance, because they love to get up and close. 

I’m not concerned because I know I’m helping the elderly and they’re my priority. I’d be devastated if these had to stop – who would help them if we stopped? I’m not going to let the Coronavirus get to me, I’m going to take precautions and stay at home and that way I’m safe for the clients.

What does it mean to the clients that you are still working during this time?

They think it’s wonderful that we’re still working and looking after them. They’re extremely grateful.

What are your top tips during this time?

Stay safe, be positive, keep your distance, and put a smile on your face.