Have your say on Merri-bek's proposed 2019-20 budget (Media release)

Moreland City Council has outlined its proposed budget for the 2019-20 financial year and will now welcome submissions from the Merri-bek community during the 28-day public consultation period.

The proposed 2019-20 budget details a $46.3 million capital works program along with an operating projects program of $7.83 million, and a further $4 million set aside to fund future projects.

The budget projects a $34.89 million surplus for 2019-20, which will meet Council’s financial commitments.

Moreland Mayor Cr Natalie Abboud said the proposed budget, which was endorsed at a Council meeting last night, maintained Council’s focus on the current and future Merri-bek community.

“This budget continues to deliver services to Merri-bek’s 170,000 residents while also funding the delivery of Council’s Audacious goals as set out in its Council Plan,” said Cr Abboud.

“The proposed 2019-20 budget invests in Merri-bek’s future with an exciting capital works program which includes beginning the Wheatsheaf Community Hub and upgrades to leisure facilities through the Aquatics Infrastructure Program.

“The proposed budget also delivers some fantastic sustainability initiatives via projects such as the Food and Garden Organics Collection Service and invests in valuable cycling infrastructure, parks and open space.”

Cr Abboud acknowledged the proposed 2.5 percent increase on the total rate base, in accordance with the rate cap set by the Minister for Local Government, saying it would allow Council to maintain a financially responsible position.

“It is Council’s role to strike a balance where we can maintain our community services but also ensure our Council plan is resourced in a way that ensures Merri-bek’s ongoing financial sustainability.”

Council has already received community input into the 2019-20 budget through the Budget Simulator, launched in February 2019.

Community members who responded were seeking to prioritise funding in open space and parks, waste and environmental sustainability.

Community members can continue to have their say by making a public submission from 26 April through to 23 May 2019. Council will hear submissions at a meeting on Monday 3 June 2019.

Following the consideration of submissions, Council will consider adopting a budget and declare the rates for 2019-20 at its meeting on 24 June 2019.

24 April 2019