Council fast-charging Merri-bek’s electric vehicles on road to zero emission transport (media release)

3 October 2019

The popularity of electric vehicles in Merri-bek is rapidly growing, with a 60% increase in the use of Council’s charging stations since 2017.

Moreland Council’s latest investment in a second fast-charge station at Boundary Road, North Coburg, brings the total charging stations in Merri-bek to 10. This is the highest number of free-to-use, renewably powered public EV chargers owned and operated by any Victorian Council.

In 2013, Council incorporated its first electric vehicle in its now zero-emissions fleet and Merri-bek became home to the first fast charger ever installed in Victoria, through partnership with the Victorian Government electric vehicle trial. The municipality now boasts two 50kW DC chargers with capacity to fully charge a drained battery within 3 hours.

With almost 450 charging locations across Australia and many more underway, Mayor of Merri-bek Natalie Abboud said a boom in the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia is set to spur further investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and Merri-bek is making sure it’s ahead of the game.

“We’re looking to install more stations in Merri-bek at suitable sites, encouraging the private sector to install EV charging stations and we’re looking at conducting a feasibility study on the installation of on-street charging stations”

“Our forward-thinking Zero Carbon Merri-bek action plan is becoming increasingly robust, and we’re taking significant steps towards this goal by encouraging the uptake of zero-emissions vehicles and promoting zero-emissions transportation,” said Cr Abboud.

Since 1 January 2019, Merri-bek Council’s electricity has been powered by 100% home-grown renewable energy through Council’s partnership with the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project.

Council’s Director City Futures, Kirsten Coster said that renewably powered battery-powered personal transport and fuel cell-powered commercial and public transport will play an equally important role in Council’s vision for a zero-emissions future.

“Using the right technology for the right application will create a well-balanced and resource responsible path to sustainable transport policies,” said Ms Coster.

Each electric vehicle in Council’s fleet saves approximately 2.5 tonnes of greenhouse emissions each year and improves air quality where the cars are being used. The electric vehicles also significantly reduce Council’s fleet operational costs.

According to the Electric Vehicle Council, Australia could eliminate 6% of our total greenhouse gas emissions if everyone drove a battery electric vehicle charged by renewable energy.

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