Bonwick Street, Fawkner - streetscape improvements

Merri-bek City Council - as part of its Shopping Strip Renewal Program - is going to be making some streetscape improvements to the Bonwick Street Shopping Strip in Fawkner.

The aim is to revitalise the area and improve the pedestrian amenity, walkability and presentation of the shopping strip.

Proposed key improvement might include:

  • footpath upgrade, including kerb and channels
  • laneway upgrades on both sides of Bonwick Street
  • new pedestrian crossing
  • landscaping, including street trees and rain gardens
  • upgrade of street furniture as required

Community engagement on the draft concept design for Bonwick Street Shopping Strip was undertaken for 4 weeks in October 2018. This engagement process collected a range of opinions, ideas, considerations and concerns from the community.

It has identified community interest in how the design will provide for parking and vehicle movements within Bonwick Street and the adjoining laneways. In response to what we heard from the community we are investigating how we can make some changes to the current draft design.

Councillors will consider these changes at the 12 December Council Meeting.