Dumpers to face big fines in Council blitz on illegally dumped rubbish (Media release)

Moreland City Council has had enough of rubbish in its streets and is calling on residents to report anyone they see dumping rubbish so Council can take action.

“Our community has had enough of dumped rubbish and so have we,” said Merri-bek Mayor Cr John Kavanagh.

“Leaving rubbish on the footpath, nature strip, in a park, street or next to a bin is not only an eyesore for the municipality, but it is also illegal.

“If you witness the illegal dumping of rubbish, we encourage you to report it straight away. Information such as a photo, vehicle registration, time and place of the offence and description of the litter go a long way in helping us issue big fines and prosecute the matter in court.

Any information can assist Council to undertake a formal investigation and ultimately stop repeat offenders from dumping rubbish in Merri-bek. Like the EPA, Council officers are authorised under the Environment Protection Act to prosecute dumpers and issue infringements.

Even if Council cannot find out who dumped the rubbish, when reported, officers will work to remove rubbish as soon as possible.

Litter and dumped rubbish are the most visible forms of pollution in Merri-bek and are costly to remove.

In the last five years the costs associated with illegally dumped rubbish have doubled. Last year alone Council spent close to $1 million removing and disposing of illegally dumped rubbish.

“Council’s role is to collect garbage and recycling waste once a week, and hard waste twice a year from 2018,” said Mayor Kavanagh.

“We’re wasting ratepayer’s money every time we pick up illegally dumped rubbish.”

Reports from the community about dumped rubbish have increased by nearly 200 per cent since 2007.

“We have processes in place to stop repeat offenders from dumping rubbish, so I urge residents to contact Council if they see anything suspicious.”

Report illegally dumped rubbish and help Council stop repeat offenders from polluting our community.

From next year Merri-bek City Council will offer two hard waste collections per year for its residents (previously one collection per year).

Outside of hard waste collection periods, residents can dispose of items at one of several recycling points or transfer stations in and around Merri-bek.

14 November 2017