Help your pooch get top of the class -steps to being a responsible dog owner

Our community love their dogs, and we do too - that’s why we ensure we have plenty of off-leash dog areas and open spaces for local dogs to enjoy.

We want shared paths, sport ovals, parks and our streets to be safe welcoming places for everyone.

Help your dog get top marks when it comes to being a good Merri-bek pet and remember these important things when it comes to being a responsible pet owner.

Always carry dog bags with you when walking your dog and ensure you pick up after your pets

  • this is for the cleanliness and comfort of everyone
  • whether it’s on a nature strip, footpath or a oval – pick up after your dog
  • if you do not pick up after your dog, you are at risk of being fined $350

Always have your dog under effective control, even when its allowed to be off its leash:

  • there’s nothing worse than an overexcited dog rushing at you and giving you a fright. If you have let your dog off its leash in a designated area, you must always have the ability to bring it under effective control.
  • Always carry a leash or chain with you, so you can bring your dog under control if it behaves in a way that threatens or intimidates others.
  • You must always be able to call out to your dog to command it, or use hand control to be able to promptly bring your dog under control

You can let your dog off its leash at any one of our off-leash dog parks.

Here is when you must always have your dog on a leash

  • near playgrounds
  • shared paths
  • public events
  • sporting events (including training sessions)

Please don’t allow your dog to dig up our sport ovals

We know that there’s nothing a dog enjoys more than digging holes, but did you know these holes cause significant damage to our sports ovals? They also make the ground dangerous for sports clubs and general community members.

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