An extremely long walk for an extrememly important cause (Media release)

Social work student and climate activist, Shannon Loughnane is taking an 'extrememly long walk' from his home in Melbourne's north to Parliament House in Canberra to protest decades-long inaction on climate change.

Shannon will be walking almost 700kms from his home in Coburg North to the nation's home in Canberra, carrying in tow a petition calling for drastic and rapid changes to federal climate policy. This includes calls for deep emission cuts and the declaration of a climate emergency.

Althought he may be the one walking, Shannon says the project has a role for anybody who is willing.

"Industry, government, individuals - we all tend to put the blame and responsibility onto another sector. But the fact is, climate change requires society-wide action from which no-one is immune. We all have our part to play. That's true, even of this project," said Shannon.

The route Shannon will be taking is from his home in Coburg North, to Parliament House in Canberra. It will take 25 days, beginning from 2 April to 14 May and span approximately 697kms.

Learn more about Shannon's walk, and sign the petition on the My Extremely Long Walk website.