Council announces more parks for Brunswick (media release)

More residents in Brunswick will live within walking distance to a park in the future with Merri-bek City Council announcing the purchase of two more properties where new open space will be created for the community.

A 543 square-metre green space will be created at 260 Sydney Road, Brunswick, opposite the Brunswick Town Hall, opening up a park directly onto Sydney Road.

Council will also green the urban landscape at 14 Frith Street, Brunswick with the addition of the 2,700 square-metre former Fletcher Jones site.

Moreland Mayor Cr Natalie Abboud outlined the importance of Council’s continued work to create open space for the people of Merri-bek.

“We know that Merri-bek’s population is growing; by 2036 we will welcome an additional 43,000 people and inevitably, more people will be living in apartments and smaller houses with limited open space,” said Cr Abboud.

“We also know the importance of parks and green space for our community’s health and wellbeing and we want to ensure that people can access well-designed and accessible parks by taking a walk just around the corner or down the street.”

This announcement follows Council’s launch of ‘A Park Close to Home’ in March this year, when Council purchased properties in Tinning Street and West and Breese Streets in Brunswick.

Cr Abboud said, “We were very proud of Council’s achievement back in March to start this important plan for Merri-bek and we are even prouder that we have been able to deliver more land for open space in some of Merri-bek’s busiest, high-density areas.”

A Park Close to Home outlines a long term plan to ensure that everyone living in the City of Merri-bek is within 500 metres walking distance of a park or open space, and within 300 metres for those living in the city’s busiest, high-density areas.

Planning for the Tinning Street and West/Breese Street parks is in progress with initial community consultation completed for Tinning Street and happening now for West/Breese Street. Park design concepts are still to be created for the two parks, with further community consultation to follow. Completion of these two parks is expected mid-2020.

The community will also be able to have their say on the use and design of the latest two.

Moreland Mayor Cr Natalie Abboud (left) and Cr Jess Dorney at the site of the new park on Sydney Road, Brunswick.