A creative approach to tackling climate change

A film about a cruise ship gone wrong is an unusual way to examine the topic of climate emergency.

But a creative approach is the best way to touch hearts and inspire action, says artist and activist Matt Wicking.

Wicking's film Lost at Sea will premier as part of the Mechanics of Change event at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute on Sunday 24 February.

Council is supporting the event as part of the Transitions Film Festival to collaborate towards achieving a zero-carbon Merri-bek by 2040.

Wickling will also perform songs and be part of a panel of experts offering practical advice and discussion on the topic of climate emergency.

"I have seen how ineffective data and facts can be for shifting hearts and minds," Wickling said.

"By telling a personal and political story in a metaphorical and creative way, audiences find that stuff that's otherwise hard to think about, becomes easier."

The event also includes the feature film, The Reluctant Radical.

The Transitions Film Festival showcases local and international documentaries with the aim of empowering audiences to build a better world.  

This year, the festival includes 28 feature documentaries (including 24 Australian premiers) as well as a speaker program with leading sustainability academics, artists and entrepreneurs.

The festival runs from 21 February until 8 March and is part of the Sustainable Living Festival Australia. 

Mechanics of Change is on at 7 pm on Sunday 24 February at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute, 270 Sydney Road, Brunswick.