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Inside Merri-bek – Autumn 2021

Inside Merri-bek 2021

In this edition:

  • Imagining Merri-bek’s future – an update
  • Bulleke-bek Park opens in Brunswick
  • $1 million upgrade to Coburg Leisure Centre 
  • Have your say on our draft budget

Inside Merri-bek – Summer 2020

Inside Merri-bek Summer 2020

In this edition:

  • Meet your new Mayor
  • Update on waste services
  • Meet the recipients of our Thrive grants
  • Introducing our new Councillors


Community Update (extra COVID-19 edition) 

– July / August 2020


Community Update 2020 (PDF 7Mb)

In this edition:

  • Working together while staying apart
  • Update on continuing services
  • Information in your language 
  • Continuing essential council work
  • COVID-19 Community Support Grants

Community Update (COVID-19) 

– Winter 2020

Community Update Winter 2020 (PDF 6Mb)

In this edition:

  • Update on continuing services during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Working together while staying apart
  • Information in your language 
  • COVID-19 Community Support Grants

Community Update (COVID-19) 

– Autumn 2020

Community Update Autumn 2020  (PDF 3Mb)

In this edition:

  • Looking after yourselves and others during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Information in your language 
  • Supporting local businesses 

Inside Merri-bek – Summer 2020

Inside Merri-bek Summer 2020 (PDF 900Kb)

In this edition:

  • New Victorian pool safety guidelines
  • More tips for food scraps
  • Keeping cool in the heat
  • Brunswick Music Festival shines


Inside Merri-bek – Spring 2019 

Inside Merri-bek Spring 2019 (PDF 1Mb) 

In this edition:

  • Celebrating 100 years of Maternal and Child Health services in Merri-bek 
  • Coburg Night Market
  • Top tips for food scraps
  • Summer pool safety


Inside Merri-bek – Winter 2019 

Inside Merri-bek Winter 2019 (PDF 1Mb) 

In this edition:

  • Women and girls in sport, kicking goals 
  • Coburg Carnivale 
  • Food and Garden Organics service goes live
  • Helping Hoops charity basketball event 

Inside Merri-bek – Autumn 2019

Inside Merri-bek Autumn 2019 (PDF 3Mb)

In this edition:

  • Powering up sustainably
  • Keeping Merri-bek's canopy green
  • Glenroy Music Fest
  • Flexible Family Day Care

Inside Merri-bek – Summer 2019

Inside Merri-bek Summer 2019 (PDF 6Mb) 
Inside Merri-bek Summer 2019 text-only  (DOC 46Kb)

In this edition:

  • Summer heat health
  • Celebrating Oak Park's new Sports and Aquatic Centre
  • Brunswick Music Festival's new programmer shines
  • Pool barriers save lives
  • One-on-one computer classes

Inside Merri-bek – Spring 2018

Inside Merri-bek Spring 2018 (PDF 6Mb) 
Inside Merri-bek Spring 2018 text-only (DOC 44Kb)

In this editon:

  • Spring fun unleashed
  • Oak Park Aquatic Centre opens in time for summer
  • Writers in Merri-bek shine
  • Coburg Night Market 2018 

Inside Merri-bek – Winter 2018

Inside Merri-bek Winter 2018 (PDF 6Mb) 

In this edition:

  • Your coffee waste at work
  • Learn English as a family 
  • What's on at Counihan

Inside Merri-bek – Summer 2018

Inside Merri-bek Summer 2018 (PDF 6Mb)
Inside Merri-bek Summer 2018 text-only (DOC 44Kb)