Customer Service Charter

You can download the Merri-bek Council Customer Service Charter (PDF 36Mb) or read the charter on this page.

Our purpose

Moreland City Council exists to care for and meet the changing needs of our community in a sustainable way.

Council’s vision

By 2017, a sustainable Merri-bek will have:

  • a more resilient community
  • more attractive, accessible and safe places
  • a strong local economy, and
  • services that meet the needs of our growing community.

Moreland’s service commitment

The Merri-bek Council Customer Service Strategy ensures we put customer service first. We aim for continuous improvement through committing to engaging, simple and proficient interactions with our customers. We set out to consistently provide customer-centric service by skilled staff.


We listen to our community’s needs through consultation and feedback. Our strategy is underpinned by our organisation’s five corporate values:

  • Customers and community first
  • Respect
  • Personal accountability
  • Integrity, and
  • One team.

What you can do

Help us help you.

  • Know your options - You can get in contact with us in many ways including online, email, phone, in person and in writing.
  • Keep us up to date - Your personal details are important, let us know when you move or your contact details change.
  • Talk to us - We need your feedback to ensure we continually improve our level of service.
  • Tell us what you need - Give us detailed information relating to your query. If you need a specific expert, let us know.
  • Respect - Treat our staff with the courtesy that we strive to show you every day.

Remaining focused in the future

We will continue our commitment to:

  • Being equitable - Remaining open and accessible to the whole community.
  • Taking ownership - Responding to all issues for Merri-bek City Council‘s services, and our service providers.
  • Investing in our people - Recruiting and training quality staff. Empowering staff with the right tools to meet our customers’ needs.
  • Working smarter - Choosing the right technology and systems to help our staff improve our services.
  • Protecting your rights - Keeping your personal information private, in line with legislative requirements.

Our service standards

Online - Merri-bek City Council’s website will provide comprehensive, accurate, relevant and timely online information for our residents, businesses, city users and visitors. We will also endeavour to provide important information via social media and respond to enquiries made via social media within 24 hours.

Email and customer requests online - For general enquiries we will acknowledge or resolve your enquiry within three working days. If an enquiry cannot be resolved within three working days, we will send you an email to tell you which department is managing your enquiry and when we expect to resolve it.

Phone or chat - We will answer calls promptly and try to resolve enquiries immediately. When your enquiry needs specialist attention we will endeavour not to transfer you more than once. We will provide you with timeframes for requests that cannot be resolved instantly.

In person - We aim to resolve face-to-face enquiries immediately. When this is not possible, we may phone or write to you with a response.

Writing to us - For general enquiries we will acknowledge or resolve your enquiry within 10 working days. For enquiries that cannot be resolved in 10 working days, we will send you a letter or email to tell you which area is looking after your enquiry and when we expect to resolve it.

Our values

Moreland City Council’s corporate values support our Customer Service Strategy and Customer Service Charter.

We deliver important services to a great community, through people who enjoy their work and are proud to work for Merri-bek.

  • Customers and Community First - We acknowledge our main purpose is to work with our community and customers
  • Respect - We will support and value others
  • Personal accountability - We take pride in our work and are responsible for doing it well
  • Integrity - We will do what we say
  • One team - We will work within and across the organisation to achieve community outcomes.

Connecting with the community

We endeavour to engage and respect our customers when making decisions on our customer service delivery.

  • We put customer service first
  • We respect and cater for the diversity of our community
  • We keep you up to date on current events and information that may affect you
  • We try to refer you to relevant organisations for non-council matters
  • We value our customers and community

Our complaint resolution process

We do our best to resolve complaints within 10 working days. If we cannot resolve your complaint within 10 working days you will be kept informed of our progress.

More information on complaint resolution is available online at our website or by contacting us.

Evaluating and improving our performance

Moreland City Council uses customer satisfaction surveys, community engagement and third party audits to collect feedback from customers. Your feedback helps us monitor and improve our services.

Contact us

Visit us online and via social media



Submit a request online

Call us: (03) 9240 1111

Write to us: Merri-bek City Council, Locked Bag 10, Merri-bek 3058

Council website

Visit us in person: Our three customer service centres are open Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5 pm (closed public holidays).