Skip bins

How to hire a skip bin

If you want to hire a skip bin you need to contact an accredited company that hires out skip bins. Council does not hire out skip bins.

Company contacts may be found in Yellow Pages and True Local.

The skip bin hire company contacts Council on your behalf to request a permit to place the skip bin on a public street. These companies are accredited with Council and carry the appropriate level of public liability insurance.

Skip bin permit requirements (for companies only)

Companies seeking to place skip bins (mini skips) on public land must obtain a permit prior to placing the bin and follow the conditions of the skip bin permit. Failure to do so may result in an infringement being issued.

A permit is not required if a skip bin is placed on private property.

You can place a skip bin on a road. It cannot be placed on a footpath.

You must leave at least 3 metres of road pavement width for traffic. If parking is permitted on the road, you need to leave 2 metres for a parked vehicle.

You must also follow any parking restrictions, except for time limits.

Do not put a skip bin in a place that blocks Melbourne Water drains, Telstra poles, or other service authority assets.

If you are placing the skip bin in a cul-de-sac, you need the written consent of all residents whose access will be restricted.

A skip bin must have reflectors and lights that make the bin visible in all conditions for a minimum distance of 100 metres.

The bin must also have the supplier’s name and telephone number in characters at least 10 centimetres high on the side of the bin.


Council offers 3 types of skip bin permits:

  • An annual fee of $731.55 for 1-10 bin placements per year;

  • An annual fee of $970.00 for 11-20 bin placements per year;

  • An annual fee of $1,122.70 for 21+ bin placements per year.

How to apply for a skip bin permit (for companies only)

Download the Skip Bin Permit application form (DOC 64Kb). (DOC 60Kb)

For more information, see VicRoads Guidelines for placement of skips on roadsides.

You are also required to submit the Skip Bin Placement Advice prior to each skip bin placement. Download the Skip Bin Placement Advice form (DOC 46Kb).

Forward the completed application form along with your public liability to Council:

Penalties if the skip is impounded

A release fee of $1,050.60 per skip applies for impounded skip bins. 

In addtion to release fee an administration fee of $115.55 applies.

If you do not collect the impounded skip bin within the same day, a storage fee of $15.45 applies per night.