Buskers are welcome in Merri-bek and may perform without a permit.

Buskers should have their own public liability insurance and are reminded to be aware of the local community when performing, ensuring:

  • the free flow of footpath traffic, and
  • that local businesses and community members are not impacted by noise levels associated with the performance.

Busker guidelines

Buskers should also observe the following guidelines:

  • Buskers should operate safely at all times.
  • Buskers must allow the free flow of footpath traffic in any area where they perform.
  • The sound levels from a busking performance must not disrupt business trading in the area as well as restaurants and other retailers. Sound levels should be moderate and respectful of others in the same vicinity.
  • Buskers should be mindful of playing in the same area for too long. Generally buskers should not perform in the same location for longer than 2 hours on any day and no more than 3 days in the same week.
  • Buskers must keep the site clean and ensure that it is left in the same condition it was found.
  • Buskers should endeavour to establish good relationships with nearby traders.
  • The act or performance should contribute to a positive social environment that is respectful of all community members.

For questions about busking in Merri-bek, please email Council Amenity and Compliance or contact Council on 9240 1111.