Quick Response grants

Quick Response grants provide funding to support community organisations to implement and develop one-off projects that benefit and engage the Merri-bek community through community-led initiatives that fall outside the annual Project grant timelines. Applications must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the planned activity beginning.

Projects that increase participation, encourage volunteering, provide leadership opportunities and increase learning and skill development are encouraged.

Submissions must provide evidence of a community need and a clear benefit to the wider Merri-bek community.

The grants program is targeted at not-for-profit incorporated community groups or groups auspiced by another incorporated organisation.

Community Grants Program guidelines (DOC 6Mb) provides further information about this grant category.

Application dates

Applications are open during the financial year for this grant category until funds are expended.

Amounts available

Amounts up to $1000 are available.


Recipients are only entitled to one-off funding under the grants program per financial year.

General eligibility criteria

To apply for funds through any one of the categories of the Merri-bek Community Grants Program, organisations must:

  • be not-for-profit and managed by a volunteer board or committee of management
  • be incorporated or auspiced by another incorporated organisation
  • have adequate public liability insurance
  • have no outstanding grant acquittals or outstanding debts owing to Council
  • propose an initiative which will benefit the Merri-bek community and be located in Merri-bek
  • be able to supply financial statements and information as requested
  • be able to meet conditions associated with receiving the grant, and
  • Demonstrate the proposed activity is consistent with Local, State and Federal laws including the Charter Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 and the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010; and
  • Be able to provide supporting data proving that the project is adequately costed (recent quotes for project proposal).

This category can fund:

Establishment of new groups

To support the development of new community groups that will permanently be based in Merri-bek, the majority of the group’s membership are residents of Merri-bek. Funds can contribute towards start-up incorporation fees, initial rental and insurance for the group.

Community events

For groups seeking funding for small on-off community events that encourage arts, culture and engagement activities. Community events must provide evidence of broader community outcomes with collaboration/partnering with other groups in the planing and implimentation of the event.

Purchase of minor equipment

For groups seeking to purchase equipment providing the item is integral to the success of a community project or which improves the operational sustainability of the organisation.

What can be funded?

  • Equipment that is required for ongoing participation in an activity that is transferable to other participants and remains the property of the club/organisation,
  • First aid equipment which is necessary for immediate attention to injury that may occur during participation in sport or active recreation.
  • Injury prevention equipment that is transferable.
  • Adaptive equipment or costs to supoport participation for people with a disability.
  • Activities that support endorsed Council advocacy positions or campaigns.
  • Advertising publicity and promotional costs of project / activity

What won’t be funded?

  • More than one application to the Community Grants Program by a group, organisation or individual in a financial year cannot be considered.  
  • Purchase of uniforms or clothing.
  • Capital works (i.e. shade structures, permanent fencing, fixed lighting and other permanent structures). Refer to Capital Works Partnership Grants
  • Purchase of Computers, Laptops and televisions.
  • Canteen and kitchen items (i.e. microwave ovens, soft drinks, food, alcohol, and cooking utensils).
  • Payment of wages or salaries associated with project management or administration.
  • Activities where there is little or no community input demonstrated towards development of the project.

For further information on the grants program, what will and won't be funded view the Community Grants Program Guidelines (DOC 6Mb).

How to apply

All proposals must be discussed with the Grants Officer on 9240 1111 or email Council Grants. Council can give you feedback on your funding ideas. We suggest you contact us at least 4 weeks before you submit the application. Applications must be submitted 4 weeks before your planned event or project.

To apply online go to our grants website. Click on the Minor Grants category to complete a Quick Response Grant and submit the application form.

How to apply for a community grant provides further details about the application process.

See once you have received a grant for information about reporting and other requirements for grant recipients.