Once you have received a grant

yeab Once you have received approval for a grant you will receive notifcication that will include instruction on how to access your funding agreeemnt and payment options. Payment can only be made once you return your funding agreement to accept the terms of the funding.

Make sure you adhere to any special conditions that are outlined in your funding agreement or letter. Tell Council in advance if you anticipate your funded activity or project will be different from your application in any way.

Funding conditions

Funding conditions as per the Grants Policy (DOC 82Kb):

  • All projects must specify a completion date and must complete the prescribed evaluation/acquittal on completion of the funded project or within 30 days of the end date on the funding agreement, whichever is earlier.
  • Successful applicants will be required to enter into a Funding Agreement with Council, which outlines the responsibilities of the grant recipient and Council.
  • Funding will only be issued after the agreement is signed by Council and the grant recipient. Payments and terms will be specified within funding agreement for each category.
  • Funding must only to be used for the purposes outlined in the offer of the grant by Council. Any request for variation to the agreed purposes must be made in writing.
  • Signing of the Funding Agreement and/or Acceptance of Funding constitutes acceptance of all conditions within this policy and the guidelines relevant to the specific grant.
  • Council reserves the right to withdraw funding if objectives, eligibility or funding conditions are breached.
  • Receiving a letter of offer for a project does not absolve the recipient of statutory approvals required for the given project. The onus to obtain any relevant permits or approvals is upon the grant recipient.
  • Moreland City Council must be acknowledged in all promotional material for the funded project as indicated on the letter of offer and funding agreement. The use of Council's logo is strictly prohibited for any other use.
  • Successful applicants will return unspent funds to Council as per agreed terms specified within the Funding Agreement.
  • Successful applicants will be required to report on the spending of funding (grant acquittal), minimum requirements include, receipts, photographs, flyers and publications.
  • If the funding application is successful, Council requires the applicant to sign a binding agreement to confirm the basis and arrangements for funding. This agreement will include a number of reporting and monitoring requirements in accordance with the amount of funding allocated.

Reporting and acquittal requirements

Evaluate and acquit the project and tell Council how the project went, the good and bad. Take photos and relevant notes during your project.

All grant recipients must complete and evaluation and acquittal for their grant.

  • One written and financial report is required at the end of the funding period or as specified in the term of the funding agreement.
  • All copies of receipts for payments to service providers.
  • All copies of publications in relation to the funded activity that clearly identifies Council's contribution by using the Community Grant Logo.
  • Provide photographs of the activity if necessary before and after the event or project.
  • Capital Works Partnership grants must supply copies of all Certificates of Completion as part of the acquittal.
  • Operational grants must provide the audited Financial statements, annual report, Insurance Certificate and evidence of service delivery outcomes as part of the annual acquittal and evaluation.
  • Council may request additional reporting requirements to satisfy an identified benefit or outcome.
  • All successful grants must complete a financial acquittal  email Council Grants to request the form to be added to your online application.

Acknowledgement of Council and use of Council logo

Funding through grants

Grant recipients must acknowledge Council with the text "This project is financially assisted by Merri-bek City Council's (name of grant category and program)".

  • Publication or promotional material - include the acknowledgement and Council logo
  • Media release - include the acknowledgement and Council logo
  • Television advertisement or video - include the acknowledgement and Council logo
  • Speech or radio advertisement - state the acknowledgement
  • Website - include the acknowledgement only

If you need to use the Council logo, email Council Grants and a copy will be emailed or sent to you.

Versions of the Council logo are available in vertical and horizontal formats. The vertical version is preferred.

Always show the logo in black or dark navy with the following PMS, CMYK or RGB colour:

PMS 655
CMYK: C 100 M 68 Y 0 K 52
RGB: R 20 G 44 B 103

Make sure you use the correct minimum sizes:

Vertical version: 18 mm
Horizontal version: 50 mm

Do not re-create or alter the logo.

In-kind Council support

In-kind support is when Council gives you services or venues for a reduced or at no cost. For example, using a hall owned by Council.

When Council grants you in-kind support through a decision at a Council meeting, in your publications use the text "This project is supported by Merri-bek City Council."

The Council logo should not be included when Council has provided in-kind support.