Female Participation grant

Funding is provided to community organisations for one-off project implementation and development that benefits and engages the Merri-bek community through community led initiatives that increase female participation within Merri-bek.

Applicants must demonstrate a strong commitment to provide or enhance opportunities to engage women and girls in sports, physical activity and leadership programs as well as increased learning and skill development.

Community Grants Program guidelines (DOC 498Kb) provides further information about this grant category.

Application dates

Applications are open during the financial year for this grant category until funds are expended. Applications must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the planned activity beginning.

Amounts available

Amounts up to $3000 are available.


Applicants can only receive one grant allocation per financial year under the Community Grants Policy.

General eligibility criteria

To apply for funds through any one of the categories of the Merri-bek Community Grants Program, organisations must:

  • be not-for-profit and managed by a volunteer board or committee of management
  • be incorporated or auspiced by another incorporated organisation                  
  • have adequate public liability insurance
  • have no outstanding grant acquittals or outstanding debts owing to Council
  • propose an initiative which will benefit the Merri-bek community and be located in Merri-bek
  • be able to supply financial statements and information as requested
  • be able to meet conditions associated with receiving the grant, and
  • demonstrate the proposed activity is consistent with Local, State and Federal laws including the Charter Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 and the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010.

 What can be funded? 

  • Coaching accreditation
  • Governance training (board/committees)
  • Administration directly related to the project
  • Officiating
  • Fees for temporary staff to implement a project/activity i.e. project work, tutor,  instructor or speaker
  • Female players, administrators, coaches and officials with opportunities to undertake intermediate or advanced training within an existing pathway in the sports industry to reach their leadership potential

What won't be funded?

  • Purchase of equipment, uniforms or capital expenditure
  • Payment of wages or salaries associated with project management or administration unless an external person is appointed or an internal staff member is appointed to the project management role as a separate position.
  • Activities where there is little or no community input demonstrated towards development of the project.

Further information on the grants program, what will and won't be funded view the Community Grants Program Guidelines (DOC 498Kb).

How to apply

All proposals must be discussed with Council's Women's Participation Officer on 9384 9271 or email Council Grants Applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks before your planned event or project. To apply online go to our grants website and complete and submit the Minor Grants Application form fo a Female Participation Grant .

How to apply for a community grant provides further details about the application process.

Once you have received a grant page provides information about reporting and other requirements for grant recipients.