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Brunswick Place Action Plan


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Brunswick Place Action Plan (PDF 2Mb) outlines Council’s budgeted work program for the Brunswick Activity Centre over the next 5 years.

The works described in this plan are incremental steps towards achieving Council’s vision for Central Brunswick established by the Brunswick Structure Plan 2010 and the Brunswick Activity Centre Structure Plan Reference Document 2017.

The Brunswick Place Action Plan describes the what, who, how and budget to deliver this change.

The Brunswick Place Action Plan seeks to:

  • Communicate Council’s 5-year budgeted work program to be delivered in the Brunswick Activity Centre.
  • Better integrate and coordinate projects and services delivered in the Centre to achieve set objectives and outcomes.
  • Identify funding gaps and facilitate cross-organisational planning for future projects.
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagement and the development of partnerships.
  • Provide the context for Council’s work program in the Centre and identify the issues and dependencies which should be considered when developing individual project briefs and service plans.

line of dancersThe Plan also identifies a number of potential unbudgeted projects (in section 6.0) which have been identified in the Brunswick Structure Plan and other Council strategies and which should be considered for implementation over coming years. These unbudgeted projects will be evaluated as part of each annual review of the Action Plan and will inform future budget reviews.

People who live, work and spend time in Brunswick have a central role in shaping the next chapter in the story of Brunswick. The role of Council is to set the strategic direction, then work in partnership with local people to achieve positive change on the ground.

Key projects within the Brunswick Place Action Plan

The Brunswick Place Action Plan (PDF 2Mb) key projects have been themed into categories being Community, Public spaces, Transport and Economy:


Street art

Public places



Lost and found

Partnerships with business and industry:

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Vision for Brunswick

Brunswick is an inner-city suburb of Melbourne, 4 kilometres north of Melbourne's central business district (CBD).

The community vision as described in the Brunswick Structure Plan is as follows:

"We value Brunswick for its varied people, places, buildings and streets, for its creeks and open spaces and for the variety of experiences and opportunities that it offers. Our aim in planning Brunswick’s future is to preserve what we love, while providing for growth that respects and enhances these characteristics. This means neighbourhoods that will continue to welcome newcomers; neighbourhoods that will continue to provide a range of opportunities and choices for a diverse and prosperous community; neighbourhoods where a car and a high income are not necessary to enjoy all that Brunswick has to offer."

At the 2016 Census, Brunswick had a population of 24,473.Suburb profiles provides additional demographic data for Brunswick. History of Brunswick is a good read offering further background to the origins of Brunswick.

The vision for the three corridors in Brunswick are:

Sydney Road

Sydney Road will continue to function as one of Melbourne’s iconic nineteenth century retail strips, and will experience significant revitalisation through the establishment of a series of distinctive precincts. The renewal process will bring a new residential population that will provide a major boost in new investments that upgrade heritage buildings and precincts, and through urban and cultural initiatives. The presence of more people living and working in Local Area 1 will support a healthy 24-hour local economy.

Lygon Street

This area will continue to develop as a lively urban space, sought after by new residents and small businesses, due to its good public transport connections, great local services and its place at the forefront of Melbourne’s cultural scene.

Nicholson Street

This area will develop as a city fringe location for businesses serving the inner city. The Nicholson Street boulevard will attract investment in showrooms and offices as well as medium and high-density housing. New and existing residents will benefit from a new neighbourhood shopping and service centre, and improved connections to open space and recreational facilities.

FactoryHistoric street frontNew development

Further information

To comment on the Brunswick Place Action Plan or speak to the Brunswick Place Manager from Council please call 9240 1111.